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Picture Perfect Is Taking over the City of Detroit

We are excited to be taking the title of Detroit’s premier photo booth rental company. We have proudly served variety of events such as Wedding, Wedding Reception, High School Prom, Graduation Party, University Event, Edward Jones - Melissa Lenz Event, Birthday Events etc. Some of our favorite hotspots are Waterview Loft at Port Detroit - The Eastern - Bagley Mansion Event Venue - Castle Hall

Affordable Photo Booth Rental with No Extra Cost

We provide an affordable photo booth rental at an affordable price for Detroit, Michigan with no extra travel fees! You read correctly, Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals does not charge travel fees for photo booth rentals in Detroit, Michigan!

Professionalism at an Affordable Cost

Our photo booth Rentals comes bundled with a photo booth attendant, no matter what price or package you sign up for! That means you can rest assured that you photo booth rental in Detroit, Michigan will operate smoothly and become an attraction you wedding or party guests can enjoy!

Quick and Seamless Photo Booth Rentals

Having trouble getting a solid price or date for your Detroit photo booth rental? Rest assured your photo booth rental will go smoothly in Detroit, Michigan with Picture Perfect Photobooth's sales and service team! We pride ourselves in a quick response time whether it be email or phone! Call today or order online to get started with your Detroit photo booth rental!

Flexible Time

Only need the photo booth for a few hours? Will no photo booth rental company in Detroit, Michigan give you a low price? Perhaps they require a minimum of 4 hours? Not with Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals! Even our Detroit Michigan photo booth rentals can be two-hours! Need more? We'll be more than happy to help you book today!

The History of Detroit City

The city was founded in 1701 with the settlement and establishment of fort on site by Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac. In 1760, the area’s control was handed over to British. However, the area was ceded over to United States by British in result of Treaty of Paris in 1783. The area’s incorporation as a village happened in 1802. In 1805, a fire completely destroyed the city, and it was built with new design afterwards. The city status was achieved by Detroit in 1815. During the 19th century, the city started to become a crucial industrial center and rapid growth was experienced by the city in early 20th century with the growth in auto industry

Detroit’s Unique Luv

There are plenty of interesting facts to love this city in a unique way. The city is home to United States 1st and only floating post office. Moreover, the city has got the title of “Chip Capital” as people of this city consume 7 pounds of chips on average each year; whereas country’s annual average is 4 pounds. The city also has many historical places such Ossian Sweet House, Grand Army of the Republic Building, The Guardian Building, Historic Fort Wayne, Historic Fort Wayne, Wayne County Building, and Fair Lane, Home of Clara and Henry Ford

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Detroit, MI

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