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The Mirror Booth

The Mirror Booth: The Next Generation of Photo-based Entertainment.

Photo booths? They’re so ‘last season’! Let’s look at the latest in photo fun with The Mirror Booth!

What is The Mirror Booth?

Essentially, The Mirror Booth is a mirror-based photo booth. Think of it as a selfie on large scale. It’s much more than that though, The Mirror Booth is a giant, interactive selfie machine. We know that the current trend is to add emojis, filters and text to images. Well, The Mirror Booth does all of that and more.

What Features does it have?

Firstly, it looks like a large, full-length mirror.

Animations – there are hundreds of different animations built into the software. The animations also have voices too! There are some based aimed at adults and some aimed at children. Animations can be added too, so if you’re using the Mirror Booth at a wedding, you can add in animations of the bride and groom!

Interactive touch screen – the touch screen means that you can doodle on your pictures and write messages. You can add a signature, a message or a stamp to your photo to make it even more memorable.

Printing and Sharing

The Mirror Booth’s users can decide how many prints they want of their photograph. What’s more, should you want to restrict the number of photos printed, you can be in control and set limits.

If you don’t want to print photos, The Mirror Booth is also capable of sharing them via email. You can also use software to post your images, GIFs or videos to social networking sites.

Any time you’re entertaining a large crowd, the Mirror Booth can be an excellent way of giving people take-home memories from an event. Weddings, Christenings, and Christmas parties are ideal places to add in a Mirror Booth. Not only will the guests have extra entertainment, but they’ll also be able to take home photos as a memory or share their experience online.

The Mirror Booth is the latest in entertainment at events. We’re sure there’ll be queues around the block!